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It has been rightly said that Success always belongs to those who can dare to believe that something inside them is always superior to circumstances. The Destiny has chosen me to make it prove. Your “I can” is more important than your “I.Q.” But your “I will” is even more important than “I can”. What you have is not important; The important thing is how you use what you already have. It’s true that every life has its own Winter and Summer. The same way mine is full of lots of cheers and tears. I was a normal child with a healthy body up to age of five. Thereafter, due to frequent fever my parents consulted doctor. Blood test result showed that I had rheumatoid arthritis. Later on…… (For reading the entire dips and downs of my life, please stay tuned on my Blog, my Autobiography will be published soon). Since My childhood my parents made me understand that The Might Lord Does no in justice with any of his children. If He has given me the less of physical capabilities, he has compensated it with the Gift of Strong will-power.

It doesn’t matter that how many obstacles you have in the journey, towards success. The thing that matters the most is the courage that you have to cross those Obstacles. Always do remember my words friends, that “When the Night at its Darkest Point, It’s the sign that the Sunrise is about to happen”.

—– Sanket Kalyani


30 thoughts on “Author’s Heart Speaks

  1. This is an excwllent blog. A live example of courage, unbeatable personality. Sanket proves that if one really wish and believe in oneself nothing is impossible and go miles, achieving success. You are truly great and inspiration for others to follow and learn from you.
    Keep going, keep writing such nice blogs

    kehte hai Zindagi me kucch mushkil nahi hota. Mushil ka samna na kare wo Insaan nahi hota.

    • Thank youu so much Saurabh Jiju for your such an inspiring and delighting feedback. Without your best wishes and Motivational moral support, the things in life would not that be so easy to handle.

      ”Aap bas Yunhi padhte rahiye, Hum yunhi likhte rahenge”!!!!

  2. Your blog is very motivational so as your life. Your journey of life is no less than moving a mountain and you prove ” jaha chah vaha rah”.
    Keep writing.

    • Thank you so much Hetal DiDi.. What ever i am doing its just the reflection of yours best wishes and moral support..

      Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being always there on our side with rock solid support

  3. very inspirational dude…saved the contents….u r a true inspiration for all generation people….Truely u r xample of “Dont complain, Just face it with Smile”…..Love u 2 sirjee…AAP DUDE HO…..

  4. You are a live example of the saying “The man who is intoxicated with life does not pass judgment, does not seek to come to a conclusion, does not impose his message on the world.”

  5. Bro it inspires us and gives us an in depth motivation… Do keep writing… My luck that you were my first mentor in my first corporate job…

    • Thank you so much Saifu.. Bhai i dont posses that knowledge to be called as Mentor but yess its just your moral support and motivation which keeps me alive to strive hard to become a Mentor.. Once again a tonnes of thank you

  6. Dear,
    Excellent initiative again you open new door of motivation.
    You are the person who inspires me every time when I or other enable to find inside ability.
    Ones again excellent job keep it up

    • Thank You So much Guruji!!! What i am and whatever i will be would just be the reflection of the blessings and bestest wishes of you and my parents..

      Please be there on my side as always you did

  7. Just one thing Sanket….
    I will think of you weneva vl feel dwn or feel unhppy or non satisfied wd smthng….

  8. Very nice Sanket. Your an awesome human being. An excellent platform for you to express & a good place for us to learn.

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